Meet Frankie Fann! That’s Fann with a double N because who doesn’t love a double N’dr! 

She’s the book loving, Nintendo playing, hairstyling drag queen who loves people and can’t stand them at the same time. 

She’s the queen of the Reading is Fanndamental book review show.

Born during the COVID-19 Lockdown in the UK, Frankie has yet to reach her full potential as a drag queen, but that hasn’t stopped her making a start during isolation. With thanks to social media and the internet she has already begun to get her name out there.

She’s Queen of the book review show, Reading is Fanndamental where she talks for around a minute about book she has read and loved. Click here for more information.

Frankie is also a host of the fabulously funny podcast Gritty Glitter, which after a long break is coming back in 2020, where she is joined by cohosts Cass and Alex. Check GrittyGlitter.com for more details

Frankie just wants to make you happy, laugh and feel special. She’s a new born baby drag queen just starting out and would love to meet other queens and make some sisters.

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram to learn more about this new queen.

It was only a matter of time before she emerged and now she’s here to for your entertainment and to live her fantasy.




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