Reading Is Fanndamental

Reading is Fanndamental (RIF) is the one-ish minute book review show.  Every Saturday Frankie will post a brand new RIF episode to her Twitter and Instagram accounts as well as her YouTube channel.

Frankie has also teamed up with RPDRUK Fans to bring you an exclusive, longer edition of Reading is Fanndamental which focuses only on books related to LGBTQ+ topics or books by LGBTQ+ authors.RPDRUKFANS-LOGO

These exclusive episodes will only be available through the RPDRUK Fans website and social media account.

So check them out at


To celebrate Pride month all of June’s Reading is Fanndamental  episodes will be brought to you by RPDRUK Fans and available exclusively through their website and social media platforms.

To see Reading is Fanndamental episodes head over to Frankie’s socials or alternatively you can click on an image below to watch that particular book review.


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